Location and Accommodations

The Steamboat Inn offers all you could want and more for the Steamboat Pinot Noir Conference. An idyllic country inn with lush verdant gardens, cozy accomodations, and gracious hosts who make you feel like you’re a guest in their home....you may want to extend your stay, or at least plan a return trip!

You’ll be treated to a sumptious meals, expertly prepared at the inn and served by attentive staff. In the afternoon, it’s decision time. Will you relax by the river with a book, the water riffling over the rocks? Be languid and let a summer nap refresh you?

Or will you opt for some recreation: head out for a vigorous hike, go for a breezy bike ride, or pull on your waders and cast your line for some challenging fly fishing?

The Steamboat Inn promises to deliver tranquility, activity, or a combination of both. Located about 38 miles east of Rosebug on Highway 138, it’s nestled along the crystal clear Umpqua River.

Google Map of the area

Please contact the Inn directly for inquires and specific lodging requests.

Tel. (541) 498-2230