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Original owner watches, which often come with a fascinating backstory, are highly sought after in the world of Rolex collection. Tudor Replica Watches remembers a Rolex 5517 MilSub and the day that he spent with it's first and only owner, who had worn it during combat. He confesses, "It was the most emotional day in my collection history." "On another occasion, an elderly gentleman contacted me regarding aSubmariner reference. He had a BigCrown 6200 he wanted to sell. He inherited the watch from the father who used it to test nuclear bombs in the 1950s. He had pictures of his father wearing the watch."

The watches have a sentimental value and emotional associations. Tudor replica watches's ref. It was an even more emotional experience in the case of Tudor Replica Watches's ref. Tudor Replica Watches is incredibly pleased that he could help by finding a home for the watch.

Tudor Replica Watches's passion for watches and other lifestyle items grew as he grew older. He began to photograph them on his blog, 100percent Rolex Passion. He eventually began selling "Curated Packages", as he calls them, on his blog. He explains, "I would add accessories to an iconic vintage Rolex that I believed reflected the emotion of the watch." It could be a bracelet or bag, or even a vintage blade with different straps. Tudor Replica Watches & sons was born in 2012, based on the idea of curating style around objects we love. "And it appears that others loved it too."

Tudor Replica Watches & sons' core idea is to curate styles and watches. Tudor Replica Watches says, "We think that this is what sets us apart." Tudor Replica Watches says, "We only sell and buy what we love. "Style for watch lovers" is our tagline.IWC Replica Watches The common bond is the love of watches. We believe most "watch lovers" also share similar values, such as tradition, long-lasting relationship, connection and quality. It could be the jeans, shoes, bag, furniture or car they own.