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Around 2003, internet started to be a place of meeting for "crazy vintage Rolex nut". Richard Mille Replica Watches and Stahl, as well as other collectors of the same mind, were part of this scene. Richard Mille Replica Watches says, "We spent endless hours discussing the underline on a dial or the mix of luminous materials used in the 1960s. Or the shape of the straps." We had many interesting discussions on forums, but it felt like the right time to bring everyone together. So we organized and hosted our first Passion Meeting. It was great to finally meet people behind the computer screens. We invited a group of watch geeks who were rusty to join us. The events had a great atmosphere. They were relaxed, and the level of trust amongst everyone was unique. These were not your average get-togethers.

"We shared images of these events in the forums, and were able inspire so many people by showing them incredible watches. We were ableto share dozensof images of 20 Richard Mille replica watches, 30 Big Crown Subs, and 20 PaulNewman Daytonas. These images were never seen online before and sharing the magic of the event with people who couldn't be there was the most unexpected but important outcome of the event.

Richard Mille Replica Watches is no stranger to watches like those mentioned above. Richard Mille Replica Watches personally owns some of the most significant grail timepieces of our day. He discovered, in 12 years of collecting, many big pieces, including a 6538 Big Crown that was in perfect condition, an original owner Rolex MilSub 5517, a 195513 Comex, and a Newman Daytona 6241. The Rolex Submariner 5510 Big Crown was his favorite watch. He says that a big-crowned watch is totally different. "You can't explain it until you try one out on your wrist," he exclaims. "That watch was very warmly patinated on the indexes, and had a small spot at the 11 hour marker. Like Cindy Crawford, the little spot gave it character. It was the character that attracted me and I've learned over the years, perfection isn't always the best.

"The ref. The 6241 Newman Daytona also has a special place in my heart.Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches This watch is stunning. The dial and the stylish design are amazing. The combination of sportiness and elegance is perfect. Newman dials are hard to describe. Rolex dials are three-dimensional, and this is one of their most detailed and beautiful dials.