Wine Data Sheet

*Before submitting, please print or save a PDF copy of your completed Data Sheet, in the unusual event that the submission (for unknown technical reasons) fails to transfer to the Steamboat database. This is unlikely, but it has happened before. We don't want you to have to fill out the Data sheet twice. Please print or save a PDF copy in preparation that we might ask you to email a duplicate. Thank you

Data sheets are due July 3


Lot Identification:


Number of vineyards in selected wine:
Vineyard #1:
Location (country, region, AVA, etc.): Space/vines/acre:
Yield/vine: Yield/acre:
Age of vines: Soil type/drainage:
Rootstock/clones: Trellis:
Irrigation: Aspect:
Harvest Dates: Lot:
Brix: Ta:
pH: Temp.:
Comments on site:
Size of picking/Delivery Vehicles:


Crush/Destem Regime:
Whole Berry Component:
% Stems Returned to Fermenter:
Sulphur Additions at Fermenter:
Prefermentation Maceration Days:
Fermenter Sizes:
Acid/Sugar Adjustments:
Yeast Inoculum:
Nutrients/Other Additions:
Temp. History/Controls:
Punch/Tread/Pump Over/Irrigate Regime:
Primary Duration:
M/L Innoculum/When?:
Post Fermentation Maceration/Duration?:
Press Type and Regime:
Pre-Barrel Settling Time:


Number of cooperages in selected wine:
Barrel #1:
Cooper: Age:
Forest: % of Blend:
Expected Time in Oak:


Cellar Temp. History:
Racking Regime:
Fining and When:
Heat and Cold Stabilization Planned:
Expected Filtrations:
Expected Final Additions:

Current Conditions

Alcohol: Ta:
pH: SO2:
Anticipated Bottling Date: Volume:
Expected Release Date: Retail Price:
Why did you decide to bring this particular wine?
(This question must be answered if you want your wine to be in the formal blind tastings):